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The six-axis AR1730 robot provides fast and accurate performance for a range of arc welding applications. While a slim profile allows for high-density robot placement, a contoured arm gives easy access to parts in close spaces, avoiding potential fixture interference. An extensive robot reach accommodates a wide variety of parts. The AR1730 has a patented double-yoke upper arm, and it utilizes a symmetric wrist with a substantial range, providing equal torch access to both sides of a part. A 50 mm thru-hole reduces cable wear and interference.

Application: Arc Welding


Type YR-1-06VXH25-A01
Controlled Axis 6 (vertically articulated)
Payload 25 kg
Repetability ±0.06 mm
Range of Motion S-axis (turning) -180° - +180°
L-axis (lower arm) -105° - +155°
U-axis (upper arm) -86° - +160°
R-axis (wrist roll) -200° - +200° (-150°- +150°)
B-axis (wrist pitch/yaw) -150° - +150° (-135°- +90°)
T-axis (wrist twist) -455 - + 455° (-210° - +210°)
Maximum Speed S-axis (turning) 3.67 rad/s, 455°/s
L-axis (lower arm) 3.67 rad/s, 385 °/s
U-axis (upper arm) 4.63 rad/s, 520 °/s
R-axis (wrist roll) 7.33 rad/s, 550 °/s
B-axis (wrist pitch/yaw) 7.33 rad/s, 550 °/s
T-axis (wrist twist) 15.44 rad/s, 1000 °/s
Allowable Moment R-axis (wrist roll) 52 N.m
B-axis (wrist pitch/yaw) 52 N.m
T-axis (wrist twist) 32 N.m
Allowable Inertia (GD²/4) R-axis (wrist roll) 2.3 kg.m
B-axis (wrist pitch/yaw) 2.3 kg.m
T-axis (wrist twist) 1.2 kg.m
Approx. Mass 250 kg
IEC Protection Class Body: IP54; Wrist: IP67
Ambient Conditions Temperature 0°C to  ± 45°C
Humidity 20% to 80% RH (non-condensing)
Vibration 4.9 m/s² or less     
Others Free from corrosive gas or liquid, or explosive gas or liquid
Free from exposure to water, oil or dust
Free from excessive electrical noise (plasma)
Free from strong magnetic fields
Power Requirements 1.5 kVA
Mounting Floor, wall, ceiling, tilt

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