Power Flex TL Stretch Hood Pallet Wrapping
Power Flex TL Stretch Hood Pallet Wrapping Automatic Stretch Hood Machines Stretch & Pallet Wrapping Malaysia, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Perak, Puchong, Ipoh Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | XTS Technologies Sdn Bhd
This machine can:
- Works for slightly different pallet sizes.
- Clear film for good product visibility.
- Can use printed films.
- Easy servicing at ground level.

The features and benefits for this machine is :
1. Enhanced Load Protection with Cost Savings: The Power Flex T1 uses advanced film unwinding technology to improve corner protection and reduce the use of thin, fragile film on load corners. This innovation provides strength and stability while cutting film consumption by up to 10%, lowering packaging costs.
2. Easy Operation and Maintenance: The Power Flex T1 has a user-friendly HMI for simplified control and monitoring of the wrapping process. Routine maintenance is made easier and faster with a patented top-down system. Film replacement and other regular upkeep tasks can be done at ground level, ensuring convenient maintenance.
3. Adaptable to Different Production Needs: Whether it's palletized goods in the food and beverage industry or bagged commodities in construction, the Power Flex T1 can handle various load sizes and types. It offers multiple film options, such as transparent, colored, perforated, and printed, making it customizable for diverse production requirements, including those needing high-shelf storage or barcode readability.

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