Octopus Compact 20 conveyor
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This Octopus Compact Series automatic rotary ring stretch wrapper combines modern technology with the proven octopus ring--type wrapping method. It ensures excellent load protection while using film efficiently. This series includes an ''S'' type film carriage, which allows for easy, fast, and safe film reel changes, reduces film issues, and improves pre-stretch performance compared to the ''W'' type film carriages.

There are 2 options for this machine :
1. Roping device: Improves load stability by stretch film roping the bottom layer or pallet base.
2. Tail tucking system : Ropes the film at the end of the cycle and tucks the tail under the layers to eliminate loose trails.

Furthermore, the features and benefits of this machine is : 
1. Unmatched Flexibility: The Octopus Compact Series offers exceptional flexibility with its vertical ring design, allowing wrapping to start and end at any height for various wrap patterns. This is particularly useful for unstable and lightweight products, as it eliminates challenges related to centrifugal forces.
2. Unique Wrapping Method: This series includes No-Touch No-Tail film seaming as a standard feature, eliminating film tails and preventing the seaming device from touching the load itself.
3. Adjustable Film Force: Each wrapping pattern comes with customized force-to-load settings for different parts of the load, enhancing load containment.
4. Packaging Solutions: The TSI model in this series features an integrated top sheet dispenser, providing protection against dust or water. It saves space on the factory floor and ensures precise positioning of the top film. Additionally, it allows for a solid top cover to be added during wrapping without the need for film seaming on top of the pallet.

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