Octopus® B Series
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This Octopus B Series is a stretch wrapping machine for various capacity needs from low to medium capacity. This stretch wrapper is a cutting-edge, fully automatic pallet wrapping machine that uses the renowned Octopus ring method. It wraps pallets by revolving the film carriage around the load, with the ring moving up and down as needed. This method keeps the pallet still, making it much easier to wrap unstable or lightweight products. It also reduces stress on both the load and the equipment because there are no centrifugal forces involved. Since the sealing mechanism is on the ring, the wrapping can start and stop anywhere on the load. The Octopus ensures effective load protection while using less film.

There are 4 options for this machine which is :
1. Load stabilizer: to stabilize unstable loads throughout the wrapping cycle.
2. Integrated top sheet dispenser: Provides automatic weatherproofing without taking up floor space.
3. Corner post device (CPD): Inserts four solid corner posts at the corners of the load.
4. LogoWRAP: Inserts printed stretch film into a pallet load during the normal wrapping cycle to provide affordable four-sided brand identification.

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